Floor Care


Simply sweep, vacuum with a floor brush attachment or dry mop as needed—using a microfiber dusting pad.


Weekly, or as needed, mop your floors using a hardwood cleaning solution from one of the recommended manufacturers. We strongly suggest you avoid supermarket wood floor cleaners and polishes. They often leave a very difficult to remove residue that cause problems when recoating. It’s always best to stick with a recommended brand and follow the instructions.


A new finish coat on your hardwood floor is a great way to restore it to nearly new. It’s a cost effective way to bring new life to your old hardwood floor without sanding to bare wood. We recommend an experienced professional refinisher to restore the beauty to your floor.


Use our ProCoat Citrus Cleaner to remove occasional scuffs, heel marks, stains and spills without dulling the finish of your floor.

It’s important to use cleaners specifically designed for wood floors only—cleaners designed for other surfaces, or with harsh chemicals or wax, will dull, damage or make the finish slippery.

Vacuum with a floor-brush attachment between boards and other hard to reach areas.

Place attractive floor mats or rugs in areas for water splashes such as kitchen, bath and laundry room. Use walk-off mats at entrances to your home to limit dirt and other debris being tracked inside.

Use a soft, dry towel to wipe up messes and spills immediately to avoid permanent stains.

Clean sticky spots with a slightly damp towel and wipe up any moisture left on your floor.

Prevent scrapes and scratches by using floor protectors (Chair Pads) under furniture, and anything that sits directly on your hardwood floor.

Do not:

Use Steam Cleaners.
Use oils, waxes or furniture soaps or sprays.
Use straight ammonia, alkaline products or abrasive cleaners.
Use vinegar and water to clean hardwood floors.
Wet mop or use excessive water to clean your floor.

Color Loss and Shading

All hardwood floors fade or change shades over time. Like our own skin, hardwood’s exposure to sunlight may increase this process and cause permanent color change. Window treatments are recommended to shade your floors from the sun’s harsh UV rays. We also recommend rotating area rugs and furniture regularly, allowing hardwood floors to age evenly from UV exposure.

If you are unsure which products are appropriate for your floor, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.